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About us
NITEH  – The Partner , trying to develop the best  solutions for your workshop

Niteh Ltd. is a market-oriented company, specialized in the field of service-station and garage equipment.
Its history started in 2004 at one small office in Sofia and one old car and currently comes to well developed net of own offices, warehouses and service centres all over the country. And of course - own fleet of passenger cars, vans and trucks.

showroom niteh officeshowroom niteh office

Company’s progress during the past years is mainly due to good market analysis, development of strong customer and distributor bases as well as binding with strong trade marks. Our approach toward the clients and long-term partnership with companies - proven world leaders in production of high technological and innovative products - is the key to our success.

Niteh service-station and garage equipment center is currently the biggest one on the territory of Bulgaria.
It consists of show room, offices, warehouse, demonstration service-station and training center.

The approach toward our customer distinguishes us on the market. Our expert teams develop projects for each type of service-station, make consultations on the place and in our office, deliver and mount equipment, give instructions for safety operation and flawless equipment  performance. Our service centers can respond within 24 hours to any kind of failure and send qualified maintenance staff to remove the fault.

showroom niteh officeshowroom niteh office
showroom niteh officeshowroom niteh office

Future priorities - enlarging the customers' base, increasing servicing quality and offering  advanced equipment to meets  market requirements.

Ultimately we are proud of being a company that develops optimum solutions for its partners.

We promise to provide our prime quality and you will obtain the elegance and well-crafted  .

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